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Image by Emma Vyvey


lay down sweet baby

get some rest

let me soothe you

and rub your chest

you've worked so hard

and come so far

slip into the night

that's black as tar

here you'll sleep

you'll feel at ease

you've prayed for this

down on your knees

days on end

trying to cope

doing your best

to not lose hope

come rest my child

i'll hold you close

you'll be embraced

i love you most

i did not mean

for you to suffer

it made you strong

it made you tougher

but you made do

the best you could

in so much pain

yet there you stood

kind as an angel

you walked the earth

felt pain too soon

right after birth

come sweet baby

lay down your head

exhale deeply

rest on this bed

i loved you so

and always will

come on now child

and take this pill


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