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Image by Emma Vyvey


have you ever met a soulmate that lasted a minute?

it wasn't for a lifetime, not to be a cynic

you see that person and you say damn you're the one!

they're crossing the street, while you're out having fun

minding your business and then bam! they show up

it's like you've known each other forever, no runner-up

this is it, it's them! how crazy it is!

instant love. instant crush. not to be missed

the thoughts start to form, you start creating a life

you dream of your new home that you'll share with your wife

where had they been all of this time? all the tears that you shed

all these thought taking over, your heart and your head

butterflies in your stomach, fluttering, level ten!

sweating profusely, let the heartache begin

because in this one minute, that you had all these thoughts

that soulmate crossed the street and continued to cross

should i run and catch them? nah, it's too late

a missed opportunity, what a rookie mistake

a moment escaped, your heart got away

a life imagined, poof! gone. nothing to say

just the remnants of love, left stained on your heart

back to the drawing board, back to the start

goodbye sweet soulmate, what a life we could've had

now i feel empty, depressive and sad

i'll just keep walking, walk off this feeling

maybe tomorrow i'll get lucky while healing

another street, another chance to meet someone new

another minute soulmate, one out of the blue


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