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Image by Emma Vyvey


Updated: Jun 11, 2023

so many things i wished for you

the care and love i'd give to you

i've done it all just to ensure

you'd have a life that's good and pure

the thoughts that eat away at me

i've worked on them, for clarity

you don't deserve a past of pain

the weight of darkness and of shame

all the sweets and treats for you

whether you like pink or you like blue

you'd be so loved, so endlessly

higher than the sky and deeper than the sea

my heart would burst from so much love

yet you remain far and above

you never chose to come to me

and that's okay, it's what's meant to be

but, just know that i thought of you

and the world i'd give to you

the care, the love, the support and smiles

we'd travel all over, miles and miles

i'd teach you how to bake and cook,

create the sweetest reading nook

all the games we didnt play

no goodnights where we got to pray

no birthday candles to blow out

no cheers or cries or baby pouts

the pain of this, too much to bear

it's easier to pretend I didn't care

the time has passed and it's okay

in my heart you'll always stay.


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