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Image by Emma Vyvey

london fog

how i wish i drank tea

oh how jolly i'd be!

it's a proper good drink

that's what most people think

sophistication and whit

i'd be just like a Brit

neither rain, nor gloom

would stop tea-time at noon

what a lovely good treat

it goes with most things you eat

have a biscuit with tea

the endless variety!

bag in, bag out-

seep as you wish

you can drink tea anytime

with any old dish!

earl gray and chai

rose, green or black

so many flavors

but i'd send them all back!

it's an unfortunate truth

that i hate to admit

i do not like tea

not one little bit!

i've tried and i've tried

all the ways that i can

mixed with honey and milk

but i don't understand-

the fascination with tea

is it possibly me?

tea tastes like crap!

what a miserable chap

make no mistake

the biscuit i'll take

but when at a café

i'll order myself a nice hot latte!


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1 comentário

05 de mar.

Haha I love this! I don’t get the milk with tea either.

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